cappuccino - spring for coffee

cappuccino - spring for coffee

Anonymous asked: I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDDING WHEN YOU SAID YOU CAN MAKE OUR EYES EXPLODE !!! Good thing i know how to type without looking ... im such a good blogger ...

you’re an amazing blogger!!! that’s really the only proper way to enjoy this blog. just don’t look at it, EVER! ;) thanks for the note anon, made me smile. 

pastel easter eggs

SAF_TY – ep teaser (80 plays)


here’s a mixed up/remixed clip from a song off of my band’s first ep, which we’ll hopefully be able to release soon. we’ve slowly been recording it over about a year and the whole process has been plagued with problems, injuries, and ever-increasing stress. 

i know all this grief will be worth it but sometimes it’s hard not to feel like fate, chance, whatever you call it, is conspiring against us. even so i’m very proud of how it’s turning out. 

we’re back, hard at work, after having to shelve everything for a couple months while david finished healing from an injury. we’re aiming to release everything by july and i can’t wait. take a listen if you get a chance. 

floating figures - simone bramante

pool day

Anonymous asked: My eyes haven't exploded yet

the whole process usually takes 2-3 hours. please be patient.

deep beneath the sun,

under layers of dark sea

lying on the earth.

chocolate chip cookies

chocolate chip cookies

polka dot pot

polka dot pot